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Everything you need to be a successful Tennis Trader

We provide a daily match analysis & strategy service for Betfair tennis traders
We also provide FREE tools, FREE tips, FREE advice + a FREE online course
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Whether you're new to Tennis Trading or have been trading on Betfair for years, we offer a range of courses, free tools and, for advanced traders, we have developed a tennis match analysis program unlike anything else in the world that will truly knock your socks off!


Learn Tennis Trading

Save time by learning fast with our ‘no faff' free online training course. Designed for beginners, the step by step course builds quickly so you learn fast

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Free Resources

To help all Tennis Traders of all abilities be the very best they can be, we provide Free Tools + Free Training + Free Trading Tips + Free Trading Practice

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Match Analysis

MatchSelect is our unique service for tennis traders which analyses every match and emails only the best for trading. You can also trade using our T1 strategy 

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A Free Course for Beginners

Anyone Can Trade

Millions of people all over the world use Betfair. If you're just starting out, we have created a step by step online course to help you decide if Tennis Trading is right for you.  With 15 short video lessons plus downloads and quizzes it's a fully loaded, fun course.

And it's completely free!

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Our Unique tennis match analysis program

Improve Your Success Rate

If you've been trading for a while and want to improve your results by knowing which are the best matches to trade, then take a look at our game-changing MatchSelect service.

MatchSelect even predicts the winner with amazing accuracy.

We've now added a trading strategy to help traders win more trades. We trade this strategy ourselves everyday and publish our results

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Free Tennis Trading Tips & Advice

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We Can Help You Win

Our results based approach means everything we do is based on proven techniques and winning strategies.

As well as our free trading tools & free trading tips, we also provide online training and publish every day the results of our MatchSelect service

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