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netProfit ROI Calculator

The netProfit ROI calculator gives you three pieces of key information:

  1. You can see the maximum return on your investment (ROI) for either a Back & Lay trade
  2. It calculates the implied probability for each player
  3. It also gives you the Lay odds for the Underdog so you can compare this with the live marketplace

See below for a guide on how to use this calculator & how it can help your trading

Enter the Back Odds for Player
Return on Investment
Implied Probability  
Implied Probability of Opponent
Odds for Opponent with same ROI

How to use the ROI calculator

Just enter the current BACK odds for your chosen player and press GO!

The 'Return on Investment' box will display

When do you use this calculator?

Use this calculator during a match. 

The odds before a match don’t usually offer good value. 

But as the match progresses and players get ahead or behind, the odds frequently drift from their true underlying value.  

These opportunities could offer you a wonderful price for placing a trade

How does it help your trading?

Before entering any trade you MUST know what your return will be (your potential profit) and your risk (your potential loss). 

For Back trades, it is quite simple to calculate the ROI: e.g. 1.6 = 60% ROI.

But for lay trades, it’s not so easy to do the sums in your head.  e.g. Lay odds 3.2 = 45.5% ROI because the maximum risk for a £10 stake would be £22, so if your trade won you would win £10 but would be risking £22, which is 45.5% ROI.

Knowing the implied probability for each player is useful when you believe the marketplace is wrong. 

This calculator quickly converts the odds for a player into implied probability so you can assess whether this is good value or not. 

For example: The implied probability for a player to win based on their current odds of 3.2 is 31% but your pre-match assessment & research suggested they had a 70%+ chance of winning the match. 

Could this player turn this match around and win? 

That’s for you to decide based on how they are playing but checking the current probability for each player as defined by the marketplace is a great aid for decision making.