Finally, a Tennis Trading System That Works!

For more than a year, we have been developing a trading system that genuinely helps Tennis Traders make more money.

Our revolutionary trading system for tennis traders is currently in live test mode due to be released this Spring

Launching 12th April

This short video explains how the Advantage Trading System works.

Members will receive a daily email listing the best matches for trading AND the player most likely to win. 

Astonishingly, it is currently 76%+ accurate!

If you would like to be kept informed of our progress and be one of the first to know when the service is live, click the button below.


What Does The Advantage Trading System Actually Do?

It saves you hours of research every day by analysing matches, players and historical performances

 Picks The Matches

Don't waste time trading the wrong matches! Advantage researches all the matches due to start in the next 24 hours and selects only the most suitable for trading

Predicts The Winner

By analysing the statistics from both players and any previous head to head matches, Advantage predicts who will win the match. Currently this is around 78% accurate!

Suggests Strategies

Knowing the strengths & weaknesses of each player, Advantage suggests the trading strategies that are most likely to prove successful

It All Starts With An Email

On Match days, members receive an email with details of recommendations for the day

Advantage delivers around 200+ matches a month 

Traders can then focus their time and energy just trading a handful of matches, with the confidence that the predicted winner will win, on average, 76% of the time.

So when the predicted winner gets into trouble and their odds go up, traders can back them knowing that, around 78% of the time, the player will improve and their odds will come back down again.

Stop Wasting Your Time Researching Matches

Successful trading requires ability and mental strength.  Don't tire yourself doing pre-match assessments when Advantage can do it for you.

Trading with more mental energy will improve your reaction time and improve your decision making.  Both essential for successful tennis trading

But Does It Really Work?

Yes it does. And unlike any other trading system, we publish our trading results.
Have a look in the table below.  This is a live feed updated with our results every day.

How Much Will It Cost Each Month?




  • Around 200+ matches/month

  • Target Accuracy 76%

  • Selected Matches

  • Predicted Winners

  • Suggested Trading Strategies

Some Additional Information To Help You Assess Advantage