Lay 1st Set Winner:

MatchAlert Will Send You a Text

When It's Time to Trade

Tennis Traders know that not every match is suitable for trading using the lay 1st set winner strategy. But finding the best matches AND waiting to see which player wins the 1st set is so time consuming
Our unique MatchAlert trading service makes trading lay 1st set winner so much more efficient.  MatchAlert finds the best matches for trading. Then, when the 'wrong' player has won the 1st set, you get a text to lay them.
It works a treat! 
Launching 1st February 2022

Trade More Efficiently

We created MatchAlert so tennis traders don't have to hang about waiting for the right entry points:

  • Trade Only Suitable Matches
  • Receive a text at the end of the 1st set
  • Pay as you go pricing means there is no ongoing commitment
  • Activate/Deactivate anytime so you only receive alerts when you are ready to trade

MatchAlert analyses every match and selects ONLY those optimised for trading using Lay 1st Set Winner and 3rd Set Winner strategies.

What Does MatchAlert Actually Do?


 Improves Efficiency

MatchAlert researches every match due to start in the next 24 hours and then follows those most likely to succeed using Lay 1st set Winner or 3rd Set Winner strategies.

When the ideal entry point arises, MatchAlert sends you a text so you can place your opening trade.

Improves Profitability

By only trading matches where there is a strong likelihood that either the 1st set winner will lose the 2nd set OR the Fav will win the 3rd set, obviously increases the number of profitable trades

Too many traders follow a strategy in ANY match and can't understand why they lose so often.

How Does it Work?

MatchAlert  analyses every match looking for those that would trade well using our two preferred trading strategies.

MatchAlert then follows these matches and when the ideal entry point occurs, it sends a text to you so you can place your trade.


But you only receive a text if you're ready

To avoid wasting match alerts, you can active this service and deactivate it anytime day or night.  You need to have the time to trade so it makes sense you only receive texts when you're ready


Stay Alert When Trading

Successful trading requires ability and mental strength.  Don't tire yourself doing pre-match assessments and then waiting hours for an entry point. Get MatchAlert to do it for you.

Trading with more mental energy will keep you alert for longer, improve your reaction time and enhance your decision making.  As you know, staying focused is essential for successful trading.

Pay As You Go Pricing Means You Never Waste an Alert

Choose how many alerts you would like to buy and control when you want to receive them



  • Receive 50 MatchAlerts
  • Strategy: Lay 1st Set Winner
  • Activate/Deactivate anytime
  • Account history



  • Receive 120 MatchAlerts
  • Strategy: Lay 1st Set Winner
  • Strategy: 3rd Set Winner
  • Save > 23% on Alerts



  • Receive 225 MatchAlerts
  • Strategy: Lay 1st Set Winner 
  • Strategy: 3rd Set Winner
  • Save > 40% on Alerts
Launching 1st February 2022

How MatchAlert Will Improve Your Trading Results


Too many tennis traders use their preferred strategy on ANY match. 

But experienced tennis traders know you should only trade using a strategy driven by the strengths & weaknesses of both players

For example, it is pointless using Back the Server trading strategy in a match where both players are lousy servers!

MatchAlert is optimised to select matches for up to 2 trading strategies

So receiving a text for ONLY matches chosen by MatchAlert, will naturally improve your results

MatchAlert is optimised for the following trading strategies:

Lay 1st Set Winner

3rd Set Winner


Some Additional Information To Help You Assess MatchAlert

If You're Serious About Tennis Trading, Let's Work Together and Raise Your Game

Try MatchAlert. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing and No Long Term Commitment







Launching 1st February 2022