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Let MatchSelect Research Your Matches and Improve Your Trading Results

Our unique MatchSelect trading service will analyse EVERY match and EVERY player for you and predict a winner with astonishing accuracy

And, if you'd like to trade using our proven T1 strategy, MatchSelect highlights the relevant matches for you

This is NOT a tipster service. MatchSelect is a complex algorithm that evaluates numerous data sets including player statistics, recent results and Betfair probability and then finds the best matches for trading using Back the Favourite. It also flags suitable matches for trading using our T1 strategy

Every day, by 9am, members receive an email with details of each match selected for trading together with the predicted winner and any T1 matches

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Results Updated Daily

We trade using £200 stakes. 

Interpreting the Results

Predicted Winners: MatchSelect is finding matches best suited for trading Back the Favourite.  So when a predicted winner wins their match we mark this with a tick. Or a cross if they lost.

The 60 day average predicted winner success simply means, in percentage terms, how often we correctly predict the winner

Matches with a tick DO NOT mean or imply that if you had traded the match it would have been profitable.

All matches must be traded (NEVER GAMBLED!) and we provide loads of help and advice on how to do that.  Ideally, a profitable trade typically results if the favourite goes behind, their odds rise, you back them and they take control of the match.

The Favourite doesn't always have to win the match either: for example, if they lost the 1st set and you backed them; if they won the 2nd set, you could hedge for a profit.  

What is a T1 match?: It is an easy to learn & straightforward strategy, ideal for beginners or anyone wanting to learn a reliable proven trading method.

We trade MatchSelect matches everyday using a variety of strategies and T1 is one of them.

But like all strategies, T1 should only be used in the right matches. MatchSelect flags these everyday so members know which matches are suitable for trading.

T1 Profit/Loss: This the total profit or loss from all the matches we have traded during the last 60 days.

We trade as many T1 matches as our resources allow using £200 stakes. Our match results are published under the T1 Result column. 

Green denotes a profit, Red displays a loss and grey signifies when we exited from the trade for zero outcome (all part of the T1 strategy)

Full details of how T1 works are provided after signing up to MatchSelect.

Why are some matches missing from results or marked as void?

We email members around 9am everyday based on the matches that have been released for that day by Betfair.

Some matches scheduled can get bumped due to rain delays, match congestion etc and so some matches that were in the daily email may not appear in the following day's results.

Void indicates where, for whatever reason, the match has been cancelled.