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Learn how to trade tennis for profit

Our step by step online course is specifically designed for beginners who want to know how to make money trading tennis matches on Betfair

The good news is tennis trading isn't difficult, but like any new skill you need to learn thoroughly and practice risk-free

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This 2 minute video gives you an overview of the course

Why Do So Many People who trade on Betfair Lose Money?

People Gamble

A lot of people don't actually trade...they just place a bet and wait for the match to finish.  That's gambling.  It doesn't work and can be dangerous

Get Rich Scheme?

Too many people think they can get rich within a week or two of trading their first tennis match.  Trading is a skill anyone can learn but it requires effort

No Training

Lots of Betfair users don't take the time to study how to trade.  Like any new skill, it takes time and practice to become skilled and competent

To Become a Profitable Tennis Trader you just need to learn what works & stick to a plan

This course explains what works and includes a plan

And our no nonsense, waffle-free, short video course means you'll learn quickly too!

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Our 4 Different Video Styles Make Learning Fun  

Animated Videos

Our whiteboard style videos are memorable and fun to watch 

Screencast Videos

Razor sharp images are great for demonstrations 

Talking Head Videos

Sometimes it's just easier if someone explains it in plain English

iPad Videos

These are great for scribbling down ideas & concepts

Who Will Benefit From Taking This Course?

If you want to learn how to make money Tennis Trading on Betfair but dread the idea of sitting through a 10 hour course... then this course is for you

Get To Grip With The Fundamentals

  • The mechanics of tennis trading

  • A walkthrough the Betfair platform

  • Why we only use decimal odds

  • Understanding odds 

  • Interpreting Price Charts

Then Master The Tennis Trading Essentials

  • Differences between Backing & Laying

  • Calculating payouts

  • What is hedging and why is it so critical?

  • How to predict tennis odds

  • Choosing the best matches for trading

Finally Prepare To Place Your First Trade On Betfair

  • How to assess tennis players

  • Where to go to find free information

  • Understanding the concept of value

  • Learning to paper trade

  • Placing your first trade on Betfair


This Time Tomorrow You Will Know More About Tennis Trading Than Most Betfair Traders!



It's a quick, no-nonsense approach to learning Tennis Trading.

You'll learn one simple concept at a time in bite-sized chunks.

That's the quickest way to learn. 


Course Requirements:

 A willingness to learn and an open mind

The course is designed for beginners, but anyone can learn valuable information.


What New Traders Say About Our

Free Tennis Trading Course


put in a way which is very easy to understand without have information overload thank you so much I've been trading for some time and found it very useful.

Erik van Rijck

Thanks for the course you explain it very well


I agree really great beginners course.


Andy has an excellent ‘bedside manner’ - no gimmicks or overly intricate mathematics.Thanks.


Thank you Andy for such a great course! I will continue with what you’ve taught me and look forward to starting a new way to make money on Betfair. Cheers!


Excellent work!!! offers great advice for the tennis trader just starting his/her journey. Very rare to see such informative content for free!!!

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