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We trade tennis matches on Betfair using our unique match analysis program called MatchSelect
MatchSelect analyses every tennis match and suggests the best way to trade them
All we do is follow the clear instructions



Win More Trades

We created MatchSelect so tennis traders can win more trades by:

  • Trading Only Suitable Matches
  • Having Reliable Predictions
  • Receive Clear Trading Instructions

MatchSelect finds matches optimised for trading Back the Favourite strategy...and is predicting winners with astonishing accuracy!

14 Days Access Only £10

This short video explains how MatchSelect works

What Does MatchSelect Actually Do?


 Predicts Winners

MatchSelect researches every match due to start in the next 24 hours and presents you with only the most suitable matches optimised for trading using ANY Back the Favourite trading strategies. MatchSelect predicts winners every day with amazing accuracy!

Helps You Trade Profitably

As well as predicting winners, MatchSelect also tells you which matches can be traded using our T1 trading strategy.  The T1 strategy is a profitable way for trading tennis matches by backing the favourite.  We trade most of these T1 matches too and publish our results everyday.

How Does it Work?

MatchSelect is a complex algorithm examining multiple data sets such as Player statistics, recent results and marketplace probability, searching for matches where the Favourite has a very high chance of winning.


By 9am everyday, you get an email

On match days, you receive an email with details of match recommendations for the day

MatchSelect currently sources over 250+ matches a month all optimised for trading Back the Favourite

You can either trade a match using your preferred back the favourite method, or you can use our T1 strategy

As Betfair add matches throughout the day we send an updated email at 3pm so you don't miss any trades

Stop Wasting Your Time Researching Matches

Successful trading requires ability and mental strength.  Don't tire yourself doing pre-match assessments when MatchSelect can do it for you.

Trading with more mental energy will keep you alert for longer, improve your reaction time and enhance your decision making.  As you know, staying focussed is essential for successful trading

But Does It Really Work?

Yes it does. And unlike any other trading service, we publish our results.
Have a look in the table below. 
You can see how successful our predictions have been.
Plus, you can see how much money we have made during the last 60 days by trading the T1 strategy using £200 stakes

If You're Serious About Tennis Trading, Let's Work Together and Raise Your Game

For just £10, you can try MatchSelect for 14 days with no risk and no long term commitment


Try MatchSelect for 14 Days

How MatchSelect Will Improve Your Trading Results


Too many tennis traders use their preferred strategy on ANY match. 

But experienced tennis traders know you should only trade using a strategy driven by the strengths & weaknesses of both players

For example, it is pointless using Back the Server trading strategy in a match where both players are lousy servers!

MatchSelect is optimised to select matches where the Favourite has a very high chance of winning.

So using ANY trading strategy that backs the Favourite, on matches chosen by MatchSelect, will naturally improve your results

Additionally, you are welcome to trade using our T1 strategy on any relevant match (MatchSelect highlights the T1 matches).

We trade these matches too and publish our results so you have a good idea of how profitable T1 is before you use it

Some Additional Information To Help You Assess MatchSelect

For Just £10, Try MatchSelect for 14 Days....

And If You Like It Pay Around 14p a Match!

MatchSelect costs £35/month

Finding over 250+ matches every month, MatchSelect costs around 14p a match

MatchSelect is a daily tennis match selection service optimised for Back the Favourite trading strategies

Additionally, matches suitable for trading using T1 are highlighted

Try MatchSelect for 14 Days